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A bit early

I know that it’s a bit early for Valentine’s Day, but I wanted to share a couple of the lovelies that I have for the occasion.

Recently I made one of my signature bird nest pieces, but with a little twist. I love how this one turned out:

Here’s a ring that’s been viewed a lot lately, and I’ll probably end up listing a solid red one soon too:

Last, I’d like to share a similar ring, but in black. My black rose rings seem to be popular around this time too:

Thanks for looking!



Another place for inspiration

I’m always baffled (and just a bit envious) by people’s inspiration for new concepts of places to congregate on the internet. For instance- Facebook? Yeah, before that it was Myspace (which I never really wanted to be a part). But to me FB is just a fun, and a bit addictive place to hang out. The guys who came up with that one deserve the millions they’ve received. I like Twitter, too, but about a year ago I found that I would hang out there for far too long, just having back-and-forth conversations with other crafters. My poor 3 (now 4) year-old would be trying to drag me away from the computer to play, and her selfish mommy was under Twitter’s spell. So I had to break the spell and now I rarely visit. I do miss it, though. Maybe sometime I’ll find my happy medium there.

My newest discovery is Pineterest. . So for whomever came up with that one? GENIOUS! I swear, I wish that I had a mind and determination like that, to create such a unique type of site.  So anyway, have you been to Pinterest? It’s a place for people to “pin” things that they see around the internet to their own virtual bulletin boards in order to create themed collages.  For instance, if you love, say, the color purple (that’s my favorite, by the way), you could find pictures, products, whatever, from around the internet as you’re browsing, and pin those pictures to your purple-themed board. Others there can look at your board and can “like” those pictures too, and can also “repin” them if they want.  You can also “follow” others and be followed.  I haven’t done a whole lot with my boards yet, but I have a “Dandelions” themed board, and also one titled “They inspire me to draw”. Click on this ===> Julia’s Pinterest if you decide to join and would like to follow me.

Happy pinning!



I recently stumbled upon a site called Everythingetsy. It’s a blog, but it also has so much more. I mean, a TON of things that I can read/look over so that I can work on making my Etsy shop more successful. One of the blog posts, titled “Improving Your Product Offering by Dropping the Stragglers {Selling on Etsy}” talks about how in the new year, it may be a good time to examine your shop and do away with the items that may not be working. *Sigh*- this is so mush easier said than done! Because I sell jewelry, I am smaller than a minnow in a really humongous pond (try ocean). After already reading a multitude of articles about how to “make it on Etsy”, I came to the conclusion that in order to be more visible, I would need to really increase the number of items that I was selling- to no less than 100 to 150 items. With two children, a house, and a husband, finding the time to make that many items is nearly impossible (not to mention expensive!). So to give pink slips to several items that I put my whole heart into will be hard.  But then again, why should I continue to spend money renewing items that are not selling (and may never sell)? And there’s the other bright side- I can use the supplies from some of those items to make new ones (yay- more chain for necklaces!).

….. A little while later ……

Ok- so I did it- I just came back from looking at my shop and I admit that I did have some items that really didn’t seem to “belong”. I’ll call them misfits (which I’m not saying negatively, they just don’t fit in). I “deactivated” them so that they are no longer visible to the public. I can now do what the blog post suggests and focus more on the types of items that seem to do well. It really wasn’t easy to do (I had to go out of my comfort zone), but I know in my gut that it was needed.  And as my husband says, “nothing worthwhile is ever easy”.

So here’s to making 2012 a great year! Cheers! =)


Birdnests galore!

My bird nest pieces are one of the staples (and most viewed) items in my LunaJewelry shop.  I love nature, so what better way to show that love with a beautiful ring or necklace? Here are some examples:

This is an antique brass wire-wrapped bird nest with lovely faceted Czech glass rondelle-shaped (oval) beads. (Check out those speckles)! I fastened the nest to a very sturdy piece of filigree curved into an adjustable ring.

This is my first bangle bracelet.  The nest is a really nice size, and the beads are really pretty!

I got into the polymer clay the other day and created these eggs by hand. I fashioned them after nuthatch eggs which have reddish to reddish-purple speckles. The ring is all wire and looks great on whatever finger you wear it on!

This is my nest with lovely turquoise beads. It hangs on a sturdy antique brass chain. The clasp in a hook, which I hand-formed.

So that’s just a sample~ I hope you like them!


Well hello there!

I’m new to this blogging thing, so please bear with me. Especially if I start babbling. Which I have a tendency to do.

Ok, so my name is Julia, and here’s a little bit about me. I am a 37-year-old stay-at-home Mom from Massachusetts. I wasn’t always at home, though. Like so many others, I was laid off from my corporate America job almost three years ago. Yes, financially it’s been tough, but I remind myself every day that most of us right now are in the same boat. (Wow- that’s a really big boat!). Long-story-short, as strange as this may sound, it was actually a relief when my boss’s boss called me into that conference room to tell me. No more one hour commutes (I literally drove 46 miles each way), no more harassing calls from the person on my team who was my equal but thought he was my supervisor (maybe you know the type). And best of all, no more “I-am-always-cranky-because-I-can’t-spend-enough-time-with-my-family moods.  I was FREE! =)

In August of 2009, five moths after my job ended, I launched my Etsy shop~ LunaJewelry . Now, for the first time in my life, I can say that I truly LOVE what I do! My jewelry has evolved from fun-yet-uncomplicated “scrabble tile pendants” and plastic beaded items to vintage brass, wire-wrapped and painted items. And just as we are ever-changing, so are my creations.

As I continue with more entries, I plan to talk about and show my jewelry, but I also plan to show some tutorials of some of my techniques (if my husband will agree to take the pictures as I work). =)  I will most likely also talk about other things on my mind (like maybe books that I am reading, or my kids, or other stuff). I hope that you will check in sometimes, and please feel free to comment! Also- if you have a blog, let me know what it is, because I would love to drop by!

~ J