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I’m always baffled (and just a bit envious) by people’s inspiration for new concepts of places to congregate on the internet. For instance- Facebook? Yeah, before that it was Myspace (which I never really wanted to be a part). But to me FB is just a fun, and a bit addictive place to hang out. The guys who came up with that one deserve the millions they’ve received. I like Twitter, too, but about a year ago I found that I would hang out there for far too long, just having back-and-forth conversations with other crafters. My poor 3 (now 4) year-old would be trying to drag me away from the computer to play, and her selfish mommy was under Twitter’s spell. So I had to break the spell and now I rarely visit. I do miss it, though. Maybe sometime I’ll find my happy medium there.

My newest discovery is Pineterest. . So for whomever came up with that one? GENIOUS! I swear, I wish that I had a mind and determination like that, to create such a unique type of site.  So anyway, have you been to Pinterest? It’s a place for people to “pin” things that they see around the internet to their own virtual bulletin boards in order to create themed collages.  For instance, if you love, say, the color purple (that’s my favorite, by the way), you could find pictures, products, whatever, from around the internet as you’re browsing, and pin those pictures to your purple-themed board. Others there can look at your board and can “like” those pictures too, and can also “repin” them if they want.  You can also “follow” others and be followed.  I haven’t done a whole lot with my boards yet, but I have a “Dandelions” themed board, and also one titled “They inspire me to draw”. Click on this ===> Julia’s Pinterest if you decide to join and would like to follow me.

Happy pinning!



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