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I recently stumbled upon a site called Everythingetsy. It’s a blog, but it also has so much more. I mean, a TON of things that I can read/look over so that I can work on making my Etsy shop more successful. One of the blog posts, titled “Improving Your Product Offering by Dropping the Stragglers {Selling on Etsy}” talks about how in the new year, it may be a good time to examine your shop and do away with the items that may not be working. *Sigh*- this is so mush easier said than done! Because I sell jewelry, I am smaller than a minnow in a really humongous pond (try ocean). After already reading a multitude of articles about how to “make it on Etsy”, I came to the conclusion that in order to be more visible, I would need to really increase the number of items that I was selling- to no less than 100 to 150 items. With two children, a house, and a husband, finding the time to make that many items is nearly impossible (not to mention expensive!). So to give pink slips to several items that I put my whole heart into will be hard.  But then again, why should I continue to spend money renewing items that are not selling (and may never sell)? And there’s the other bright side- I can use the supplies from some of those items to make new ones (yay- more chain for necklaces!).

….. A little while later ……

Ok- so I did it- I just came back from looking at my shop and I admit that I did have some items that really didn’t seem to “belong”. I’ll call them misfits (which I’m not saying negatively, they just don’t fit in). I “deactivated” them so that they are no longer visible to the public. I can now do what the blog post suggests and focus more on the types of items that seem to do well. It really wasn’t easy to do (I had to go out of my comfort zone), but I know in my gut that it was needed.  And as my husband says, “nothing worthwhile is ever easy”.

So here’s to making 2012 a great year! Cheers! =)



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