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Birdnests galore!

My bird nest pieces are one of the staples (and most viewed) items in my LunaJewelry shop.  I love nature, so what better way to show that love with a beautiful ring or necklace? Here are some examples:

This is an antique brass wire-wrapped bird nest with lovely faceted Czech glass rondelle-shaped (oval) beads. (Check out those speckles)! I fastened the nest to a very sturdy piece of filigree curved into an adjustable ring.

This is my first bangle bracelet.  The nest is a really nice size, and the beads are really pretty!

I got into the polymer clay the other day and created these eggs by hand. I fashioned them after nuthatch eggs which have reddish to reddish-purple speckles. The ring is all wire and looks great on whatever finger you wear it on!

This is my nest with lovely turquoise beads. It hangs on a sturdy antique brass chain. The clasp in a hook, which I hand-formed.

So that’s just a sample~ I hope you like them!



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  1. Creations by Emily

    These are all so beautiful and unique! I really love these.


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